Andre Shashaty

The principal broker of Alexander & Edwards Inc. is Andre Shashaty.  He operates out of our San Rafael, CA, office.

Andre Shashaty has been involved as a direct investor in commercial real estate and as a licensed real estate agent and broker for 10 years. He focuses his investment and sales work on multifamily housing, with a special interest in helping facilitate development of apartments.  Shashaty has been sole owner or joint owner in syndicated ventures in well over 24 properties, most of them apartments as well as some single-family rentals. (See Real Estate Experience tab).   He has extensive experience evaluating properties and markets, as well as asset and property management.  His expertise is focused on multifamily housing, both existing and to-be-built.  He has in-depth knowledge of San Francisco Bay Area communities and real estate markets, as well as land use regulations and planning practices. Call Andre at 415-453-2100. Email him at