Real Estate Experience

Andre Shashaty obtained his real estate broker’s license in California after extensive experience investing in real estate, primarily apartments, with his own money. He made his first investment in income property in 2007.

Shashaty has been sole owner or joint owner in syndicated ventures in well over 24 properties, mostly apartments.  He owns 3 rental properties directly, including a 22-unit apartment building in Rohnert Park, CA.  The list of properties below changes frequently as interests are bought or sold.  This is not intended to be a list of current holdings.

14 Calle del Pradero, Stinson Beach CA

26 inverness Dr, San Rafael, CA

7394 Boris Gardens LLC, Rohnert Park, CA

Idlewild Creek Apartments, Cornwall, NY

Woods at Blairville Apartments, Lewiston, NY

Villas de Sendero, San Antonio, TX

Oak Country Estates, De Soto, KS

Westerly Shores Apts, Oxnard CA

Simpson Apts, 7521 Simpson,  Los Angeles

Watercourt Apts, 530 S. Catalina, Los Angeles

Pravada Apts, N Hollywood, CA

Aspen Ridge Apts., Aurora, CO

Bella Vista Apts., Elk Grove, CA

Stone Cliff Apts, Aurora, CO

Monterey Townhouses, Monterey, CA

Olive Ridge Apts., Pomona, CA